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Hawk Eye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014,it's a top provider of integration UAV system of "reconnoiter, attack, control, rescue and communication".The company is committed to providing more professional and comprehensive police UAV system and solutions to the public security, which according to the concept of “research and development in application and improved in actual combat".

As the initiator and leader of modular and systematical police UAV in China, Hawk Eye Technology will always regards solving the problem of public security combat as a research and development direction. The R&D team was born in the fields of public security, criminal investigation and so on. For many years, they develop a police UAV system to meet the requirements of 23 police services for different police classifications, which combined with the first hand practical experience in the investigation of various large cases. Hawk Eye is a few "deep plough" enterprises in the field of police UAV in China.

Hawk Eye Technology Co., Ltd.

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